Rasmus Grønborg Bak

As CEO Rasmus is responsible for the overall management of the DSHwood Koncern and the 50 employees in cooperation with the Board and the rest of the organization. The CEO defines the Strategy and business development priorities and ensures thereby the operational excellences. Rasmus joined DSH in 2017 and came with a broad experience as CEO and Head of Department from the Danish and Swedish Forest Sector. Rasmus holds a Master of Forestry (Cand. Silv.) from Denmark and Germany.


Palle Haugsted, CFO

Palle Haugsted, CFO. As CFO, Palle is responsible for the overall financial controlling, accounting, compliance and administration within the DSHwood Group as well as the maintenance and development of the supporting IT systems. Palle joined DSHwood In 2006 and came with a broad experience as financial auditor and from management and financial positions in the retail sector. Palle holds an AF Degree as well as a Graduate Diploma in Financial and Management Accounting..



Chairman Torben Friis Lange, President Asia, CIS, Middle East & Chairman Global Sourcing and Trading, AarhusKarlshamns AB


Jan Søndergaard, Managing Director Danish Forest Association. M.Sc. (forestry)

Apart from representing the owner in the Board, Jan contributes with his detailed knowledge of the suppliers and forest sector in general in Denmark. During the period 2000-2006 Jan was the first Managing Director of DSHwood. This gives Jan a detailed insight into the core business of DSHwood.


Kristian Eriknauer, Vice President, Corporate Responsibility, Arla Foods