DSHwood is trading hardwood on the Global Markets

DSHwood has a long experience of selling hardwood logs internationally. Through the years, we have developed a broad network of industries across the world. This combined with our extensive experience in logistics means that we can provide an optimal solution for our suppliers.

We buy the logs roadside in the forest at our supplies and ensure a fast and accurate delivery to the industry. Before shipment, the wood is treated to meet the many requirements in the receiving country. This includes cleaning, waxing, fungicide treatment or fumigation.

We buy logs of the following species:

  • Beech (Fagus sylvatica)
  • Oak (Quercus petraea, Quercus robur)
  • Ash (Fraxinus excelsior)
  • Red oak (Quercus rubra)
  • Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus)
  • Aspen/poplar (Populus tremula, Populus sp.)
  • Other species as agreed


Contact persons in UK

Gavin Brown


Director UK


+44 7769 641667



Contact persons in France

Pierre Mareau


Acheteur / Purchase Manager


+33 (0)6 8523 9302



David Roy


Acheteur / Purchase Manager


+33 (0)6 4307 0643