We sell

We sell wood on the European markets as well as for Overseas Export. Our main markets are China, Germany, India, Vietnam, The UK and Denmark.

We Buy

We buy wood mainly from Denmark, Germany, UK and France. We buy all major timber species and buy logs, chips and energy wood.

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Value for our Customers and Suppliers

DSHwood is an international wood trading company. We trade in all main wood products, softwood and hardwood logs, lumber energy wood.

Through our world-wide network we ensure stable supplies to wood industries as well as heating and power plants at attractive prices for all parties.

Why choose DSHwood

- Wide assortment of forest wood products
- Flexible in meeting requests from customers and suppliers
- Stable trading partner with high security on delivery and payment

DSHwood is owned by the trade organisation of the Danish private forests. As such, DSHwood supports the long-term economic development of the forest.

Our History

DSHwood was established as a department in the Danish Forest Association after a number of significant storms in 1967. Through the 70’s and 80’s the department developed significant exports of Danish wood especially softwood to Scandinavia and hardwood to Asia. In year 2000 the department was reorganised into DSHwood as an independent subsidiary of the Forest Association. The Danish Forest Association remains 100% owner of DSHwood.